Targeting the right customers makes all the difference for a successful campaign. Connexon Partners is expert at defining and reaching your target market.


Award winning and sought after, Connexon Partners specializes in all things direct: mail, email, pURLs and more.


Making the right offer, at the right time, to the right people is what Connexon Partners does best. Contact us today to get started! 615-812-5650


Founded by Lyn Knopf and Pam Eldridge in 2007, Connexon Partners is a marketing company that combines rigorous analytics and predictive modeling with exceptional strategy and creative. We are proven performers in direct strategies, including customer acquisition, retention, activation and utilization, cross-selling, and upselling and merger/acquisition communications.
We focus on results, not simply execution or response rates and are obsessed with actionable customer insight. We have a team of experienced professionals with proven success in highly complex, highly competitive marketing environments.
Our capabilities include campaign strategy and planning, predictive modeling and analytics, data processing, database management, creative services, program management.